Don't miss the brand-new Italmec FM filters. Best quality and low prices!
Looking for FM filters? Don't worry! Italmec is your perfect partner! Discover here all the informations.
Italmec redefines the concept of maximum power!

Discover the brand-new VHF pallet PAVHF400C. This new amplifier can deliver up to 1000Wps with analog signal and up to 300Wrms with DVB-T signal. PAVHF400C.

Italmec proudly presents the new accessories dedicated to medium and high power amplifiers.

Discover the brand new directional couplers 102004003 e 102004004 and the control section 301803320. The best solutio

Italmec increases the offer of passive elements in the UHF band.

Italmec has designed two brand-new passive elements: 101004017 UHF 4 WAY COMBINER and 101004018 UHF 4 WAY DIVIDER. Both of them are Wilkinson type.

Italmec proudly presents the brand new PAUHF1200T, the most cheap and compact solution for analog...

The PAUHF1200T is the most powerfull amplifier in the UHF range. Suitable for analog transmitters up to 1kWps, it allows a strong reduction of cost and size compared to the usual techniques to combine power amplifiers.

Italmec is proud to launch on the market the new PAFM1000A

Italmec has developed the new PAFM1000A, equipped with NXP BLF178XR.
Due to his high ruggedness (65:1), the BLF178XR is ideal in order to obtain up to 1.2kW with high efficiency and maximum reliability.

Italmec is looking for partners for the uncovered countries.
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